Back to “Reality”

After spending the past half a year prenting to be a “journalst”, environmental activist in the class room and learning to become a true “Heiner”, returning back to my curiousity across town and through the farm won’t be same again.

Taking these experences with me, TU Darmstadt will always remain close to my heart as it was where I had the pleasure of fostering a deeper understanding for intercultural communications, student activism and an appreciation for babbel’n. Or in other words, learning to feel right at home in Hesse.


As some might say the time to take things seriously is upon me, I would argue what’s serious to take about life. Being thrown into a world that seems to miraculously spin whether we like it or not, earning one’s keep seems to be the only way to “fit in”. If being thrust out of the marketplace for some time has been of any use, I’ve learned that giving life “meaning and purpose” is completly our responsiblity. In other words, the wonders of this world stand only behind the wall of excuses which we tell ourselves why we lack the capabilities to make a difference.

Having the privledge to live out my dreams everyday has reminded me of the constant need to renew and review long term goals and aspirations. Along the way one can feel quite discouraged feeling outside of their comfort zone or even worse feeling unsatisifed and confused after exceeding those expectations in meeting a long term vision.

I am greatful this time has afforded me with the opportunity to investigate my own desires on a deeper level in developing a more mature awareness of myself.

Today a new journey awaits. New responsiblities, expectations and hopes have arrived.

Step by step plant your seeds and hold your ground, for the harvest is almost upon us.





One thought on “Back to “Reality”

  1. On to the next “adventure” in Deutschland!! Best of luck with your return to Merck KGaA. I’m sure they will be excited to have you back!!

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