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350 peaks, 150 days & 10 tips to survive the AT

  1. If you want to beat the crowds and mother nature start hiking towards the north in the spring
  2.  Bears are unpredictable and will most likely attack you after a bad berry season
  3. In the Smokey Mountains, it can rain up to about 10ft a year – pack a rain jacket
  4. But forget your jeans
  5. However, make sure your wallet is out of the back pocket first because about 21mi or 1% of the trail runs through towns
  6. Cherish the time off the trail because it is nearly impossible to get on or off once you are back on without assistance
  7. ┬áDon’t trust AT maps – they compress a few km in per cm
  8. Trust your boots – you’ll need them in Pennsylvania
  9. Be prepared for solitude, Maine has the second largest uninhabited forest in the US second to Alaska
  10. Last but not least enjoy it while it lasts, the Appalachian Mountains are shrinking about 0.03mm per year.