A blink of an eye or for the rest of us just 5 seconds I need a moment.


Unleash your creativity: Lessons from the War of Art

1. Move towards your resistance:
– Resistance is a signal to move towards what is it you are worried about

2. Remember your dignity of free-will:
– Your decisions have led you to where you are now, they can also change the direction in which you are going

3. Throw away the consumer culture mindset:
– We cannot find happiness by disposing of our income to buy temporary joy. Our happiness lies in our work to which contributes to a journey of lifelong fulfillment

4. Search for criticism:
-The critic takes notes that which he would have done himself if he had the courage to do so

5. Be dedicated to mastery:
– Keep yourself sharp every day by learning something new and never let your ego keep you back from seeking the right advice in the most unexpected places

6. Get organized:
– Develop the habit of consistency; focus on the progress that produces regular results. This is a shift in an outcome mindset of thinking

The “War of Art” occurs when we try to search for something new and better and are confronted with the fear of change. Your creativity is a gift to the world not to yourself. If you want to tap into the higher version of yourself ley your fear push you to success.