March 4 Science

April 14th, 2018

Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means sticking out of the crowd.

After finishing a warm and productive call with ,,blog-lady” (my publisher’s nome de plume) I was encouraged to check out more opportunities to get involved in supporting local political action.

I discovered that the ‘March 4 Science’ movement was not only growing back home but also here in Deutschland. Planning my next visit to Main-hattan I called up the only one who I knew was always ready for another demonstration.

With our things packed on our backs, hands gripped on our bikes and a few home-made American “vegan” cookies in our stomachs we rode off to the train station where I came to ponder how different of an occasion this is was to make abroad.


A few stops later we assembled with dozens of other anxious students and professionals all eager to show their pride for science and display their disappointment with how they are being represented in political issues such as climate change.




Where our curiosity and responsibilities overlap each other are where innovation, passion, and creativity come out to thrive. It’s amazing how many strangers, without the power of food, are able to come together for a display of hope and pride, not only themselves but also for their neighbor and for the future.



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