Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr

The voluntary social year in  Germany is a state-funded voluntary work program, particularly for young adults. It can last between six and eighteen months and also be spent working abroad.

The idea behind this voluntary social year has its origin in the Protestant and Roman Catholic church by organizing a diaconical year. In 1964 the German parliament conducted a law, that became the basis of the platform, that supplies officially certified organizations and government institutions with volunteers.


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Machst gut!

Literally meaning,, make good!” this greeting is a common way to say goodbye to a good friend or colleague if you want to wish them well. Take care!

Dass muss Liebe sein…

May 26th, 2018

Just a year ago I had stepped into what has become a whirlwind of change, enlightenment, and adventure in the land of ideas. Over twelve months of living without the comfort of the people and culture that I used to call home, I have learned what it means to reframe one’s challenges into opportunities to grow and to develop into a more hopeful and experienced traveler in this game that we all call life. Here are twelve lessons that I have learned along the way that will help you become a better version of yourself…

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