Das Auftreten

Outward behavior or bearing.

Looking back on at all the people, events and ways I have spent my time abroad, details of exactly how I came into contact seem to fade as an ever-growing feeling over the way they’ve made me feel is all that I am left with. Almost a year ago I came into contact with this cheery fellow who seemed to always know what was going on and knew the right people to talk to. Not long he started to greet me as ‘M for Michael’ as I would pick up a few bottles of water in the morning and not long a friendship started to grow as we would chat about the company, cultural differences and our plans for the weekend. We in doubt I always know I can go to him for advice and a good laugh. Thank you for being the great listener and friend that you are to many!



A sample of the question sheet I gave to Harald just before our interview. It covers questions such as how did he prepare to for the position he is currently in, how everything is going at Merck and what his experiences are working with foreigners. If you can speak Deutsch I hope you can enjoy the video…


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