Back to veggies

Having an audience to cook for sure does put some pressure on finding the old ,,thinking cap” sitting in a layer of dust.

This past weekend I cooked two fairly complicated but very tasty and enjoyable vegan meals with my family.


Spinach- and rice-stuffed bell peppers with cashew butter sauce

The rich flavor of these stuffed peppers is enhanced by the smoky sweetness of the sun-dried tomatoes and a luxurious cashew butter sauce. The rice mixture can also be used to stuff zucchini (see below) or other vegetables. Note: Almond butter can be swapped in and sun-dried tomatoes will make a great addition to top the sauces flavor. Be generous with the amount of spinach you include.


Lemony quinoa-stuffed zucchini

This recipe is light, refreshing and flavorful. It’s also easy to make ahead and pop right in the oven, and because it is made with nutritious quinoa, white beans, and lots of veggies, it’s also a satisfying one-dish meal. Note: when gutting out the zucchini make sure to cut squares into the boat so that when you dig out the flesh your veggies are already chopped up. Ground walnuts also make a good substitute for pecans.


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