Ralph Waldo Emerson once said in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, being yourself is the greatest accomplishment one can achieve. The curiosity of the abundant culture and people who embody this world has always captured my imagination and has motivated me to connect with others through the beauty of language. Eight years ago, this imagination came to life through the experience of meeting a group of exchange students from southern Germany studying at my high school. They taught me that the world becomes smaller and life becomes bigger when learning another language. This cultural exchange soon led me to become a representative of my own culture living amongst the families of these exchange students on two separate occasions, immersed in their language from the classroom to the dinner table. When the decision came to decide on a course of study, continuing to fuel my curiosity for the German language remained very close to my heart. Since this time Darmstadt has become a second home for me as I study to become a Chemical Engineer under the guidance of the International Engineering Program (IEP). Follow me along my journey as I live to learn abroad and discover myself along the way…


– Michael D. Eggleston