Schön dass ihr da wart!

June 3rd-10th, 2018

Home is where your heart is, not a location on the map.  If all the gluten filled bread and beer wasn’t enough for my folks, the goat in them called them over for a different kind of adventure in which we rediscovered the typical highlights of Germany; expect these proved to be larger than anything you could fit within a Stein.

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Dass muss Liebe sein…

May 26th, 2018

Just a year ago I had stepped into what has become a whirlwind of change, enlightenment, and adventure in the land of ideas. Over twelve months of living without the comfort of the people and culture that I used to call home, I have learned what it means to reframe one’s challenges into opportunities to grow and to develop into a more hopeful and experienced traveler in this game that we all call life. Here are twelve lessons that I have learned along the way that will help you become a better version of yourself…

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