Der Entwurf

A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or another object before it is made.

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July 27th -30th, 2017

Despite being thousands of miles away from home, the world felt just a little smaller traveling to see a childhood friend who was visiting his Grandparents in one of the other few German speaking countries, Österreich

To my delight, the 2am FlixBus connection from Darmstadt was surprisingly pünktlich and before I knew it I woke up in what seemed to be a dream driving through the Alps.


In Bad Ischl, I was greeted by a familiar face and one that I had not seen since I was too young to even remember. Nevertheless, I was joyful to see them both as we packed up the car and headed over to Mitterweißenbach.


Fortunately, with all of his youth, my friend was kind enough to take my belongings inside as I indecently captured the moment for my blog.


Before I had the chance to unpack my things I was insisted to sit down and try a taste of the Austrian food as if traveling from Germany was too uncultured. To my satisfaction, I was NOT displeased.


Despite speaking a foreign tongue, seeing a familiar face never felt so refreshing as we walked through the weekly farmer’s market in Bad Ischl. Hanging above our heads were fresh cuts of pork, lamb and a warm smell of freshly baked bread.


Now a museum to annoying tourists like myself, in the days of the Austrian Empire the Kaiservilla was the summer residence of Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth who used the residence as a hunting and recreational ground.


My friend and I found all the history to be quite inspirational for some unintentional photo opportunities.


Not too far from the luxuries of Bad Ischl is Attersee, home to where more common-folks relax and enjoy the hot summer sun.


Nevertheless, like all good things, an end must come but despite the reality, we were all happy to bask in the warmth of our company.


Vielen Dank für die Erinnerungen.