Word of the Day


Of great interest or attraction.

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Winter 2017-18

Back to “Reality”

After spending the past half a year prenting to be a “journalst”, environmental activist in the class room and learning to become a true “Heiner”, returning back to my curiousity across town and through the farm won’t be same again.

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Word of the Day


To bring to a knowledge of something.

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Word of the Day


An act of giving one thing and receiving another in return.

If a new mobility has taught me anything else besides devoting myself to checking the weather forecast like its Gmail it has been that entropy will always find a way to prove Newton right. More simply said all things will eventually come to an end but if Dr. Seuss can lighten up Newton’s dim reality its to remain positive that the experience happened.

Apparently adapting to the city commute proved to be more of a challenge for Victoria than I had thought going months without any major repairs which soon caught up to her right in the gears.


Just as soon as I thought I had my mobility back in order being able to use half of my gears, my keys seemed to become more homesick than myself as they decided to stay in their locks leaving myself with two halves of what used to be my reassurance. The story gets even better as my fortune turned for the best with the back tire following a similar suit to the gear changer eager to test my patience on foot from the locksmith.

Although material items never last, friendships do. Despite food serving as a great way to bring nations together, it is reassuring to know that people are also there to help and to learn from. As I diagnose Victoria’s Weihnachts-comma, Cali will serve as my second best bet in the meantime continuing to turn the gears along this crazy adventure I find myself in the middle of.


Some people’s trash is other people’s treasure: securing my reputation at  Merck’s Christmas party I surprised many and made one colleague full of the Christmas spirit with a unique surprise. Not all that glitters are effect pigments – except for some broken bicycle parts.




Summer 2017

Burg Frankenstein

August 6th, 2017

Overlooking the Heiners of Darmstadt is a historical castle perched over the Odenwald found on the southern outskirts of the city in a town called Eberstadt.

On a Sunday afternoon, a friend and I decided to spontaneously take our bicycles to the town and explore the hilltop where Mary Shelley found her inspiration to write her Gothic novel, Frankenstein.

Through the forest and onto the road we rode up the mountain just to find ourselves being passed by every single Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen.

To our relief after a few hours, we arrived at our destination greeted by the familiar feeling of hiking Mt. Washington to find many tourists waiting also waiting in line to take some photos too.


Nevertheless, we were able to kill some time taking in the breathtaking view from the summit and enjoy the fruits of our labor.




A new mobility

If you worried about falling off the bike, you’d never get on. – Lance Armstrong

Ever remember how liberating the day was getting your driver’s license? The freedom to go wherever, whenever just to be stopped by the next set of lights.

I sometimes reminiscence on these conveniences living abroad, however, learning to put my two legs to better use has launched my health into a new perspective.

Despite almost being the size of California, Germany can feel very large with just a few suitcases. Fortunately, Darmstadt is a very bicycle friendly city in which one can easily make their way around on just two wheels with some elbow grease and a little willpower.

Centrally located at the Hauptbahnhof is home to a used bicycle shop owned by Martin Rau accompanied by his companion George der Hund.




To my luck, I had the good fortune of getting to know not only one but FOUR bicycles in under a month alone. Some might call it speed dating but I call it a new mobility.

Unbenannt3Pedale and I had great hope in each other from the beginning, however, commuting back and forth to Gernsheim put a toll on his lever arms that soon fell off on the way home in Eberstadt.


Opa was a gift from a Russian family to whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the local evangelical church down the road from my apartment. With a little tune-up this old timer was ready for the road until his chain ripped as I passed through Bessungen.

image-55628.jpegWith two graves dug I decided to return to Martin in hopes of obtaining another bicycle. Needless to say, I became a regular in his shop bringing back yet another Clunker,  just without the apples.

image-55628It was no question that Martin was becoming very enthusiastic to see my face yet again after running him dry of his cheapest bicycles. Thankfully, I have found great reliability in Victoria who has been courageous enough to drive through a few nasty thunderstorms this summer and was eager to meet the S-Bahn Strecke head on.

image-55628.jpegDespite the bumpy start, having the opportunity to ride into the sunrise every morning has finally put my worries to rest.