Das Wachstum

The process of increasing in size.

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Bönnigheimer Stromberglauf

November 18th, 2017

Despite my doubts about thinking how in the world I would make it to a race kicking off in the middle of a Weinberg, I made the last minute decision to stay committed to the feelings I had after Jog n’Rock and put my legs and investment to good use.


After taking a bus, a train, another bus and putting some good ol’ elbow grease to use I arrived at the Winery just in time to pick up my bib and to warm-up.


Recently my training has been consisting of building up my aerobic base as I am working towards May’s Marathon in Mannheim however, being quite new to the sport  I’ve recently learned to incorporate lactate threshold and interval training which proved to be quite beneficial in hopping back into my first 10k since the summer.

As the Bambi-Lauf went off I could feel the pressure in my thoughts starting to build as my heart raced faster with anticipation. Soon I made my way to the starting line where I was sectioned off with a group of runners similar in skill and waited with an eager sense of patience as the other groups ran ahead of us.

Fighting to make room I found a good pace to keep and kept my head up to stay focused. Clearly not accustomed to the faster pace right after I reached about 5k I noticed my splits starting to become slower and slower as I made my way to the farm/village for another lap.


Followed by some cramps I knew that I would have to dig deep down in my thoughts to make up for lost time and secure my original pace. Leaving my phone and headphones behind my ears became in-tune with the runners around me who all sounded and looked exhausted. If you look waaay in the back you can spot the wild American.


Taking a chance I decided to lead the pack I was around with striving to maintain a competitive edge and break down my competitors’ mental strength by picking up my last few splits to my original pace.

Almost breaking 45:00, my body became overwhelmed with the ordeal I had put it through as soon as I crossed the finish line and stopped to catch my breath. Catching my attention was the man who finished behind me who patted me on the back to congratulate me and asked me to take a photo of him with his Verein. Making our way over to a table of fresh water and Apfelsaft I learned a valuable lesson as there was no beer or pretzels to be found but knowledge about how I can continue to improve my training.