Roasted sweet potato and black bean salad

This yummy salad makes a nice change from white potato salad (and is much more nutritious, too). Serving it over lettuce with the addition of black beans makes it a meal. Delicious any time of year, it looks especially lovely on a buffet table during an autumn get-together.

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Hot Salsa Lentils & Rice

This recipe is GREAT over cooked rice or quinoa, so if you have some on hand, dinner can be ready in minutes. Or, instead of serving over a grain, you may spoon the beans or lentils into a warm flour or corn tortilla before adding the toppings. Making well with the several bags of groceries, my excited friends brought back from their Darmstadt adventure, a slight twist-packed quite the punch. Throwing in some finely cut chili pepper given to me by an adventurous friend who had traveled to Indonesia along with some lentils, and mixed in chia seeds with some vegetable broth to add flavor to the rice this was surely a step in the right direction towards improving my cooking.


Die Wahrnehmung

The way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted.

Concluding the grand-visit of guests from the States were three very contended, anxious and enthusiastic friends from Bill-rica or the “Dirty-Ric” as they call it.

After many hours of being “Wow-ed” on their sleepless, hungry, yet economical flight there was no time to be spared in preparing “One-dish Vegan’s” second meal: Black bean soup with kale and potatoes.

Considering this recipe for another try, sweet potatoes and additional ingredients such as cumin, coriander and cilantro would be much appreciated.

Taking inventory of this trip, I start to feel more foreign (re-socialized) than I probably would like to comfortably admit. Given a fresh burst of curiosity into my guest’s view of their new and exciting environment my classmate who studied German with me a few moons ago jokingly called me his new exchange student. To his disbelief, possibilities to not attend another lesson of German school are slim…meine Meinung nach 😉